Social Fever Android App Review

Social Fever Android App Review - Tehapps
Social Fever Android App Review - Tehapps

Social Fever is a smart solution provided by leading IT firm Systweak Software. This futuristic solution helps you deal with social media and smartphone addiction effectively. You can use this tool to keep a tab on your smartphone usage and reduce smartphone dependence to save some valuable time. Social Fever works on advanced algorithms to monitor smartphone usage and allows you to set goals for yourself to reduce smartphone dependence. It is even helpful to keep your health intact.

How does it work?

Track Goals: To begin with, you will find an option called Track Goals that helps you set and monitor goals for to reduce smartphone dependency. Here, you can go to individual app to set time you want to spend on that app in a tracking module. Once you have set the goal, next is to track the set goal. You can use this impressive feature to limit time you spend on unnecessary apps.

App Usage: Tap on App Usage option to see quick summary of app usage on your Android phone. Here, you can view time spent on individual app from tracking module.

History: Here, you can view a detailed history of time you have spent on different apps in last 7 days. App displays the history in graphical format to help you understand it well.

Interests: Under this feature, you can set interest for yourself from given options. Once you set the interest, app will update you how much time you have saved that you could have spent on those favorite activities.

Ear Health: Here, app allows you to set maximum time you want to spend on your device listening to your favorite music or doing similar activities. Once you touch the maximum time, the app will send you alerts to avoid over usage of headphones. It is a useful feature to keep your ear health in good condition.

Eye Health: In this feature, you can set maximum time you want to spend watching your favorite movie, playing games or doing similar activities. This feature is designed to reduce time you spend continuously staring at your device which could cause trouble to your eyes. Under this feature, the app will send you alerts when you cross the set maximum limit to use device. You can use this effective feature to rest your eyes and body.

Other Features

  • Show App Tracking feature helps you to view app usage in real-time. Once you enable this feature, the app will set a tracker on selected apps to show you usage in real-time.
  • The next feature allows you to change time settings to get daily reports. Here, the default time is 22:00 hours to get daily reports.
  • Click on “Show daily report” option to see and organize daily goals you have set for yourself.
  • You can access “Clear History” option to clean tracking history by the app.
  • Access “Show Interest” option to tweak interest you have set for yourself.

The Verdict of the App

Social Fever offers a futuristic solution to help you deal with your smartphone and social media addiction. It is bundled with lot of useful features to keep tab on app usage and reduce it to optimized level. It is also helpful to keep your eye and ear health intact. You can use this smart solution for instant and effective results.