How to Chat WhatsApp Without Sharing Your Real Number

How to Chat WhatsApp Without Sharing Your Real Number

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has become the staple mainstay of everyone who uses internet on their phone. It is one of the most popular app used in many countries of the world including India. WhatsApp has made life easier for many and even cheaper as you can send photos, messages, audio and video and text through the app. WhatsApp also helps you easily share your location and share a contact from your phonebook with your friends and dear ones. However, what if you don’t want to share your number? Now, you can chat on WhatsApp without sharing your real number.

What steps can you take so that you don’t share your phone number on WhatsApp? Here are some steps that will help you keep your number hidden even though you can continue chatting with your contact. The trick here is that your number will appear on WhatsApp but it will not be your real number but a phony one. All you have to do is install the Primo app by visiting the Google Play Store and create an account on the app. Enter your mobile number to sign up, after which a 6-digit verification code will be sent to you. Verify your phone number with the help of this verification code.

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Once the verification is done, enter your name, username, and password with some information. Email verification will be mailed to your email. After signing in, go to your profile and click on the Primo US Phone Number option. A set of two options will be displayed after this, purchase package and free trial option. Choose the Free Trial Option. After this process, you will get a US number which you can use to create a new account on WhatsApp. Choose call me option for account verification.

A new verification code will be sent via call. Enter the code to authenticate your account, after this you can create your account with any new name and no one will be able to see your number on WhatsApp anymore. There are other apps like Open in WhatsApp, WhatsMe, Open with WhatsApp on Google Play Store that you can download and be able to talk to anyone without your number getting displayed.